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Stevens Monuments
Stevens Monuments is a company that is determined to satisfy its customers through hard work, dedication, and precision. We guarantee the lowest prices in town, but the best quality in work. Because we understand the grief that follows after losing a loved one, we are more than happpy to assist you and your family in cherishing their memory through displaying a monument.

We offer over 800 marker designs and would be more than willing to find a pattern that satisfies your needs.
Monumental Designs
We offer a variety of monumental displays from single to double markers. We allow you to choose from flat or slight markers. We are also able to provide our customers with bronze, marble or granite monuments. In addition, Stevens Monuments even allows you to add that special touch to your monument by introducing its customers to a host of designs. The designs range from wedding bands to Bibles to the Star of David to roses to doves or maybe there is a particular design that captures the very character or personality of your loved one such as a fishing rod or truck. But no matter what the design Stevens Monuments is willing to assist you in any way possible to make sure that your desire for that perfect marker is met.
Porcelain Portraits
Sometimes using unique lettering, adding a vase or even adding a special design to a monument just isn't enough for you to truly commemorate the life of that special person that touched your life in such a great way. So we allow our customers the opportunity to personalize their monument by adding a porcelain portrait to their loved one's marker. The damage resistance material and beautiful quality of the portrait enables you to capture the memory of the deceased for years and years to come.

Restoring Graves
Just maybe, you're not interested in purchasing a monument. Maybe you have a monument that is no longer sitting as upright as it should or maybe the lettering is barely readable. Or could it be that you want gravel placed on a sunken grave. Or are you interested in having a grave or family plot enclosed in from the rest of the graves in the cemetery?

Well, if any of these problems apply to you Stevens Monuments will gladly assist you in straighting up that leaning monument. We can also clean that monument that is covered with dirt and grime. And what about that sunken grave? Adding gravel would not be a problem. Or even if you are in need of enclosing a grave or family plot. We will be more than willing to enclose the graves with copin.

Flower Vases
We also have a variety of bronze, marble, and granite vases that add a special touch to any monument.


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